NETT Foundations

Unlock superior cognitive and physical performance with Neural Engagement Therapy and Training.

Time To Complete:

15 hours

Certificate of Completion



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NETT Foundations Course Overview

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of Neural Engagement Therapy and Training (NETT). NETT combines a variety of advanced techniques to enhance neural pathways and foster neuroplasticity, resulting in improved cognitive and physical performance.

Key topics include:

  • Neural Pathway Enhancement: Techniques to strengthen and optimise neural connections.
  • Understanding the Nervous System: develop an understanding of the Human Nervous System and how influencing that system can improve training and rehab outcomes
  •  Assessment tools: Expose you to specific  assessment tools and protocols for improving Nervous System function across various modalities.
  • Management Tools: Practical approaches for implementing NETT in various settings.

This course is ideally suited for health and fitness professionals who are eager to expand their knowledge and skills.

Course Outcomes

  • Learn about techniques for positive nervous system impact through training and therapy.
  • Understand the interaction among Central, Sympathetic, and Enteric nervous systems.
  • Discover ways to positively influence the nervous systems through various methods.

In Partnership with NETT

This course is created in partnership with NETT and authored by Victor Popov. Victor is one of Australia’s most respected and experienced sports physiotherapists with over 30 years of knowledge in the area of Sports Physio looking after athletes of all levels.


Assessment Requirements

For the completion of the course, you’ll be required to complete an online theory quiz.

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