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Study our online fitness certifications and join a thriving industry helping people get active and improve their fitness.Learn the skills needed for you to excel as a Gym Instructor or Group Fitness Instructor with our SIS30321 – Certificate III in Fitness. Work on gym floors and in training facilities including F45 Training, BodyFit and Fitstop.Further your career with the SIS40221 Certificate IV in Fitness and become a qualified Personal Trainer. Help transform your client’s lives, and enjoy the benefits of this flexible and lucrative career.
Demand for nutrition services is growing at a rapid rate, making now the perfect time to start your rewarding career as a nutrition coach. The Certificate in Performance Nutrition will qualify you to provide clients with personalised nutrition advice, meal plans and coaching services. Internationally recognised across 35+ by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT). This certificate is also ideal for existing fitness professionals, to add nutritional coaching services for their clients.

Further your career prospects and continue to develop your skills! Our range of personal and professional development courses provides specialised training in areas of interest for those passionate about health and fitness.

Get qualified to deliver boxing, yoga and kettlebell classes and cater your services for older adults and pregnant clients.

We’re passionate about the life-long journey of learning, to allow you to learn more, do more and earn more in your career!

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Holistic health fitness wellbeing

“I’m just loving the course. I was worried I may not have commitment to sit and concentrate but, if anything I find I can’t wait to get to the computer and do more. With family and other things going on I find it’s short bursts of study but it seems to suit my life well. “


Kim B

Certificate III & IV in Fitness Graduate
Holistic health fitness wellbeing

I have thoroughly enjoyed the online course and will have no hesitations in recommending Onfit to others. I will also look at completing more training online through Onfit. I have found all staff extremely friendly and helpful.

Alicia G

Cert III in Fitness Graduate
Holistic health fitness wellbeing

I really appreciate all the support that Onfit has given me throughout my cert 3.  Without the encouragement, support from admin, etutors and assessors, feedback, additional information needed for understanding, I would definitely in a totally different head space so Thank You Onfit crew 😀 I look forward to completing my Cert 4 😀

I have a boxercise class waiting for me to take over at PCYC – so it is very exciting!

Marylyn R

Cert III & IV In Fitness Graduate

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Holistic health fitness wellbeing

Queensland Government Funding

Skills Assure Supplier

Onfit Training College is proud to be a Skills Assure provider, offering government subsidised training for the SIS30321 Certificate III in Fitness, under the Certificate 3 Guarantee Program and for the HLT43015 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance, under the Higher Level Skills Program.