The Yoga Edge

Elevate your soccer performance by tapping into the power of yoga.

Time To Complete:

20 hours

Certificate of Completion



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Course Overview

If you’re a soccer enthusiast, this course is designed specifically for you to enhance your physical performance and overall well-being through the power of yoga. Throughout the course, you will discover how yoga can improve your mobility, balance, and core strength.

You’ll learn to harness your breath and increase your endurance on the field. By practising various yoga poses and sequences, including the unique AntiGravity® Yoga you’ll reduce the risk of injuries and recover faster from intense games. The course also explores the mental aspects of soccer, teaching you mindfulness and focus techniques that can sharpen your decision-making and reduce anxiety during crucial moments.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced soccer player, ‘The Yoga Edge’ will provide you with a holistic approach to elevate your game, enhance your physical fitness, and develop mental resilience. Join this course tailored for soccer players and unlock your full potential on the field.

Course Outcomes

1. Understand the evolution of yoga (origins to styles practiced today)
2. Understand the mind and body benefits of practising yoga for soccer performance
3. Identify different styles of yoga and how they can be used in a training routine
4. Perform simple breathing, relaxation, visualisation, and meditation techniques
5. Demonstrate safe and effective yoga poses in sequence with modifications 

Assessment Requirements

The Yoga Edge includes online quizzes. At the conclusion of the course you’ll be required to complete one practical assessment video demonstrating what you’ve learnt.

To complete your course, you’ll need a yoga mat, blocks and strap.

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