Student Spotlight Award Winner, Angela Festino

Student Spotlight Winner Angela Festino

We are thrilled to announce our Student Spotlight Award winner, Angela, who has impressed us with her tremendous progress and unwavering determination throughout her Certificate III in Fitness studies. Nominated by our Trainer and Assessor, Michael, Angela’s remarkable journey caught our attention as she exhibited an extraordinary work ethic and a positively driven attitude.

Before we dive into Angela’s inspiring interview, let’s take a moment to learn more about her and what led her to embark on this incredible fitness journey.

Married with two teenagers, Angela chose to be a stay-at-home mom, cherishing family time. Over the years, her interest in health and fitness grew, leading her to discover an online women’s fitness coach, Ashley Lane, who ignited her passion for weight training and a balanced approach to nutrition.

Now that her kids are grown, Angela decided to pursue her dreams and approached her fitness coach to join their team after completing her fitness studies – a path she never expected to take.

As graduation approaches, Angela looks forward to becoming an online fitness coach for women, continuing her journey of empowerment and helping others lead healthier lives.

Now, let’s hear directly from Angela as she shares her experiences, progress, and aspirations in her own words.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to your studies?

I’m married with two teenagers 19 and 17 when we had kids we made the decision I would stop working and be a stay-at-home mumma. Best decision we made as I’m now approaching 40 I have realised that time goes by way too fast. 

I found over the years there is so much information about diets and fitness and I tried them all and was slightly confused but always wanted to look after my health. A few years ago I came across an online women’s fitness coach (Ashley Lane) she was doing 5 days of free information and everything she said made so much sense to me so I signed up and haven’t looked back.  I loved how she taught women to feel empowered, to love their bodies, and to not be afraid of eating food and to get results. I fell in love with weight training and the benefits it has for the mind and body and especially for my anxiety. 

So now the kids are grown it was time for me to do something for myself so I approached the coach I have been training with and asked if there would be a position available with them if I did my certificate I’m so grateful and happy they said yes. So here I am 40 and about to start a new career which I never thought I would be doing and ready to help other ladies on their fitness journey 🥰

Student Spotlight Winner Angela Festino with family Student Spotlight Winner Angela Festino

What’s next for you after graduation?

Once I have graduated my plan is to become an online fitness coach for women.

 How have you enjoyed your study journey?

I have really enjoyed the modules on anatomy and physiology and understanding how the body works. I also absolutely love studying online this gives the freedom to go at my own pace and when I can fit it into my schedule. 

What did you find most challenging about your studies & how did you overcome that?

One of the challenges to begin was feeling overwhelmed and not sure about the structure of the course however I reached out and asked the questions even if I felt like it was a silly question, I still asked it to make sure I understood what was required. The support from Onfit is amazing!!! 

What tips would you share with any other students studying online?

 Try to have a schedule to get a little bit done each week, and reach out for assistance whenever you need it, the only question that is a silly one is one that’s not asked. So ask as many questions as needed that’s what Onfit is there for 😊👌

What advice would you give to someone considering studying to work in the fitness industry?

If you love it…. DO IT!! When you love what you’re learning and love what you’re doing this is going to help you enjoy it and want to help and share it with others.  Also, there are so many different avenues in the fitness industry so have an idea of the area you want to be skilled in and learn, learn and learn some more. 

Lastly, What have you enjoyed the most?

It’s been exciting for me to start a new chapter in life and to know that soon I will be able to help other women the way my coach has helped me 🥳🥰👏🏻

We want to extend a huge congratulations to Angela on her progress and determination in her studies and look forward to following her journey further as an online fitness coach for women.

If Angela’s story has ignited your passion for health and fitness, take a look at our diverse range of health and fitness courses that could open doors to an exciting new chapter in your life. Take the first step towards your following your passion, and who knows, you might be the next Student Spotlight Award winner, inspiring others!