What to look for in an Online Study Provider


What to look for in an Online Study Provider?

The rate of growth in online learners has risen dramatically in the past decade and has continued to be a trend despite the world’s recovery post-pandemic. The benefits of online learning are abundantly obvious – it offers vital flexibility to continue learning and take control of your career path from the comfort of your home.

However, with a plethora of courses, certificates and education providers scrambling in unusual times to give you something to choose from, it begs the question … how do you choose the right online course and provider for you?

Deciding where to enrol can be overwhelming, so we thought we’d offer some help so you make the right decision and choose the perfect course and learning organisation for YOU!



There are a lot of online learning providers to choose from so it’s vital that you research to sort the legitimate from the less than! One of the best quality indicators for an online institution is Accreditation!

Accreditation means the course is nationally recognised and that a registered training organisation (RTO) can issue a nationally recognised qualification upon completion. An accredited course tells employers and other learning institutions that you’ve completed a relevant, high-standard course.

A reputable college, will make their RTO code and National Course Codes, easily available to you, on their website, social media and any marketing material provided to you.

Make sure you verify the accreditation, don’t just take the providers word for it! Quality providers in Australia are listed as RTO’s on www.training.gov.au. Here’s where you’ll find the listing for Onfit Training College, and also here on www.myskills.gov.au.



Not all courses are created equal, some colleges may classify their online course as written material (ie. PDF Booklets), whereas others could include a suite of features, like videos, interactive lessons and assessments you can complete within your portal.

When looking at online courses, it’s worth keeping in mind that staying motivated and on track can be more challenging to some. You may like to ask, what do they offer to make your experience truly engaging, what features are available to keep you motivated or is there anything they can offer that’s unique from other providers?

Here at Onfit, our online courses include video lectures, engaging lessons with interactive features and a video library filled with hundreds of exercises.  These types of features can make a real, lasting difference to how quickly you progress and how fondly you look back at your time studying.



That brings us to communication! Support is important no matter how you study, but is one of the most important aspects of your journey, when you’re studying online.

What support do they offer throughout the course? When you’re studying online, particularly in the current climate, communication between yourself, other students, and your trainer will be imperative. It’s important to know what is important to you and what level of accountability you may need, the skills educators learn to assist you effectively during online study will be different to face to face & takes experience to perfect. Find out what channels the provider has in place to offer interactive learning and discussion such as video chat (e.g. Zoom), Phone, Email etc.

At Onfit we provide tools that will allow you to converse and collaborate with other students as well as reach out to tutors for advice and support. We have a passionate team of professionals committed to helping our students reach their potential and offering exceptional support 7 days a week. Meet our friendly team here.



Be wary if your conversation feels aggressively salesy and trying to push you into signing up for a course you’re not sure suits what you need. A quality RTO will be transparent about course fees and able to discuss the outcome you are hoping for and make a recommendation specific to you. will also have options clearly listed on their website, from payment plans, to available government funding, and more.

As with most things, “you get what you pay for”. There are some untrustworthy training options out there, so if you come across a site that’s offering a price that is significantly below the average price for that certificate, tread warily.

You can find Onfit’s payment options here.



In the course of your research, you’ll likely find out more about the reputation of the provider and the courses they deliver. Testimonials from previous students provide a great benchmark, as well as asking people already working in the industry. Do they have good things to say about the provider, course content, support during their studies, and importantly, have they gone on to higher education or a career following the completion of their course?

You can check out testimonials from our happy Onfit graduates here.



Want to know more about Onfit Training College?

  • We’ve been perfecting online study for over a decade so our courses are of the highest standard
  • We consult with industry leaders and don’t compromise on quality of education
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  • Courses are Nationally Recognised & Accredited
  • Flexible Payment Options

If you want to discover a rewarding new career as a Personal Trainer, Allied Health Assistant, or Performance Nutrition Coach. Browse through different career and course options, and take the first step towards your new career!

ONFIT RTO Code – 32107

Course Codes: 

SIS30321- Certificate III in Fitness

SIS40221 – Certificate IV in Fitness

HLT43015 – Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance

Certificate in Performance Nutrition