Battle Ropes Training 

Shake up your exercise sessions with battle ropes training!


6 month course timeline


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Battle Ropes Training Course Outline

Battle Ropes Training will give you the skills to facilitate battle ropes training with your clients as well as a range of more advanced exercises for programming progressions. This course will help you understand the benefits of battle rope training and grant you a multitude of unique battle ropes exercises.

  • Key Safety Elements
  • Battle ropes for Strength and Conditioning
  • Battle ropes exercise variations
  • Battle ropes programming

After completing the lesson content, you are required to complete three assessment tasks:

  1. Construct a battle ropes training program.
  2. (Filming required) Facilitate the program with a client.
  3. Complete an evaluation of your session with your client.
Man Battle Ropes
CEC Points Battle Rope Training Course

Accreditation & Recognition

Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

Receive 7 CECs with AUSactive (previously Fitness Australia) upon the completion of this course.

Approval Code 04646FA

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FITREC Recognition

Level B Recognition with FITREC.

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