Exercise for Pre and Postnatal Clients


Time To Complete:

15 - 20 hours

Certificate of Completion



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Exercise for Pre and Postnatal Clients

Within this course, you will gain the skills and knowledge to:

  • Create exercise modifications and progressions: Acquire techniques for adapting exercises to accommodate pregnancy-related changes in posture, balance, and energy levels. Learn how to gradually progress workout intensity while considering the clients’ evolving physical conditions.
  • Utilise core and pelvic floor training: Understand the importance of core and pelvic floor exercises for both prenatal and postnatal clients. Gain expertise in teaching clients to engage these muscles effectively to promote stability, prevent diastasis recti, and support overall core strength.
  • Advise on postnatal recovery and progress monitoring: Gain insights into postnatal recovery timelines, rest and recovery needs, and monitoring progress. Learn how to adjust training plans, exercises, and intensity based on the clients’ evolving physical conditions and preferences.

Course Outline

Course Modules: 

  1. Introduction to pre and postnatal exercise 
  2. Exercise selection and program design for prenatal clients 
  3. Core and pelvic floor health during pregnancy and post-partum
  4. Nutrition and hydration for pre and postnatal clients
  5. Monitoring exercise intensity for pre and postnatal clients
  6. Special considerations for pre and postnatal clients
  7. Mental and emotional support for clients
  8. Pre and postnatal recovery strategies
  9. Creating pre and postnatal training plans
  10. Fostering support and ongoing education

Who is this course suitable for? 

This course is designed for established fitness professionals aiming to enhance their expertise in providing exercise services tailored to pregnant clients. It is also well-suited for health and fitness professionals who collaborate with pregnant clients or individuals on their personal pregnancy journey, for educational purposes. 

Assessment Requirements


There are two modes of assessment that students are required to satisfactorily complete in order to successfully complete this certification.


Multiple Choice Questions – Each of the subjects in the course has 10 multiple choice questions which students are required to correctly answer to progress in the course


Program Prescription – Students will be required to demonstrate their ability to prescribe safe and effective exercise programs for clients in each stage of the pregnancy and the postpartum journey. 


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