Mobility for Personal Trainers

Get moving with a range of mobility techniques and key principles to enhance flexibility.

Time To Complete:

10 - 24 hours

Certificate of Completion

Yes + CECs


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Course Overview

Mobility for Personal Trainers opens the gateway to contemporary mobility methodologies, providing Personal Trainers with invaluable tools to enhance both their own flexibility and that of their clients. The course delves into five pivotal principles—individualisation, consistency, progressive overload, measurability, and implementation—that underpin these strategies.

Our comprehensive curriculum navigates through a spectrum of mobility and flexibility techniques, encompassing dynamic mobility, static and passive mobility, loaded flexibility, muscular contractions for flexibility, end-range strength, end-range isometric exercises, programming, and various other indispensable concepts crucial for mastering mobility and flexibility.

Course Outcomes

  1. What is flexibility and mobility
  2. Movement testing protocols
  3. Types of flexibility techniques
  4. Key flexibility positions
  5. Key exercises
  6. Program design

Assessment Requirements

For the completion of the course, you’ll be required to write programs incorporating what you’ve learnt to assist with your clients mobility-related goals.

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Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

Receive 11 CECs with AUSactive upon the completion of this course.

Level B Recognition with FITREC

Level B Fitrec 30 Points

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