Yoga for Everyday Athletes

Elevate Your Performance: Yoga for Athletes, Powering Mind and Body.

Time To Complete:

15 hours

Certificate of Completion





Course Overview

Yoga for Everyday Athletes is a course aimed at boosting both physical and mental well-being. It teaches yoga as a tool for athletes to enhance performance, offering techniques for mindfulness, meditation, and better breathing. Tailored yoga poses improve mobility, strength, and balance, ensuring a safe and sustainable integration with athletic training. By the end, participants become not only better athletes but also more balanced individuals, unlocking their full physical potential while minimizing injury risks. Start your transformative journey today.


Who is this course suited for? 

This course is suited to anyone interested in understanding the fundamentals of how to use yoga to enhance their own training or apply it to their client’s programs safely and effectively.

Course Outcomes

Studying this introductory yoga for athletes course opens up diverse career opportunities in the fitness, sports, and wellness industries. 

  • Understanding the foundations of yoga and personal practice is the first step to becoming a certified yoga teacher.
  • Yoga for Athletes is an essential guide for yoga teachers wanting to work within the sports or fitness arena, bridging the gap between yoga philosophy and exercise science.
  • Yoga and its application to fitness training is a unique and highly complementary skill for gym instructors and personal trainers working in health clubs or sporting facilities.
  • Sports coaches and sport scientists can offer a holistic approach to training and recovery using yoga.
  • Yoga can be used by rehabilitation specialist as a tool to promote recovery from injuries.

Assessment Requirements

Yoga for Everyday Athletes includes online quizzes. At the conclusion of the course you’ll be required to complete one practical assessment video demonstrating what you’ve learnt.

To complete your course, you’ll need a yoga mat, blocks and strap. 

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