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Gym Instructor

Benefits of Being a Gym Instructor

check  Work in a variety of fitness facilities, from a private studio to a large gym.

check  Supervise and monitor the gym floor

check  Write programs for clients and provide excellent customer service!

check  Enjoy a rewarding and flexible career!

Group Fitness Instructor

What to expect as a Group Exercise Instructor 

check  Instruct group exercise classes

check  Enjoy an exciting, fast paced, social environment

check  Increase your employment opportunities in the Fitness Indusry

check  Build your own business as a Group Fitness Instructor

Study the Certificate III in Fitness
At Onfit Training College the SIS30315 – Certificate III in Fitness will qualify you as a Gym Instructor and Group Fitness Instructor, all in the one qualification & course.

Giving you more options and opportunities when starting out your fitness career!

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Career Outlook

Job Satisfaction

Fitness Facility Manager

Highly Satisfied

4 out of 5 stars


Personal Trainer Salary

Fitness Instructor Salary

AU$38,663 – AU$92,813

Fitness Industry Outlook


9.5% Annual Growth


Sources: – Fitness Instructor (Aus) & IBISWorld – Gyms & Fitness Centres in Australia (R911)
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Onfit Training College Graduate, Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer & Business Owner

“This year I’m building a studio here in the outback Kimberley of Kununurra the small country town I live in. There are lots of social groups that I will cater too including adolescents, pregnant women (both Pre and Post Natal), mature age and sporting teams.

Onfit has presented me with incredible knowledge to which I will be able to incorporate in setting up the business. Not only that I’m in the mist of developing an online coaching platform to reach out to people afar.”

Learn How Onfit Will Prepare You For a Successful Career