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10859NAT – Certificate IV in Weight Management


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Holistic health fitness wellbeing

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Holistic health fitness wellbeing

Holistic Approach to Weight Loss.

Understand the role of psychology, nutrition and exercise, as part of the weight loss journey.

Holistic health fitness wellbeing

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Certificate IV in Weight Management course overview

It is time! Time to make a change – for the thousands, if not millions of people who want to improve their fitness, wellness and vitality and become a healthier version of themselves. Imagine being able to make that happen…

Conquering the battle to manage one’s weight has been a challenge that has grown over the decades, and now the need for a new approach is beyond obvious. In Australia alone, 56.2 % of women and 70% of men are now considered to be overweight or obese. (Ref: Australian Bureau of Statistics).

If you have a passion to be part of the solution to this ever growing problem, then this is the course for you. Complemented with the latest research about neuroscience and the learning processes of the brain, this course leads the way for change by equipping you with the knowledge to understand why people make the choices they do about food and how you can help them change their habits.

Certificate IV in Weight Management Overview

Career pathways with a Certificate IV in Weight Management

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Career Outcomes:

Employment areas for graduates holding the Certificate IV in Weight Management include: 

  • Nutrition Coach
  • Weight Loss Consultant
  • Weight Management Practitioner
  • Motivational Weight Management Coach
  • Wellness Coach
  • Health Coach

Your Role as a Weight Management Practitioner

The role of a Weight Management Practitioner is to provide clients with advice and practical solutions for losing weight or body fat. This is achieved by:

  • planning and delivering safe and effective weight management programs for individuals and/or groups 
  • advising clients with exercise recommendations, lifestyle modifications, and/or behaviour modification techniques
  • providing clients with meal plans and sharing general non-medical nutrition information 
  • determining the best course of action to meet the clients’ individual needs
  • helping people to find a balance between the outcomes they want to achieve and the activities, food and lifestyle factors they enjoy
Your role as a weight management practitioner


Holistic health fitness wellbeing

Nationally Accredited 10859NAT – Certificate IV in Weight Management

This is the first vocational course of its kind, giving graduates a career path that is in its prime and the ability to change the future of the weight management industry. Until now this has been an unregulated industry and there has and is a vast unknown in relation to qualifications and knowledge held by those giving advice. This nationally recognised Certificate IV in Weight Management sets a new standard that can raise the bench in the approach used to facilitate long term change and results for clients.

As a Registered Training Organisation delivering this Nationally Recognised Qualification you can feel assured that your training and certification is of a high standard and meets industry and government requirements.

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Through a holistic education in weight management covering the principles of psychology, nutrition and exercise, you will be able to help clients make permanent and lasting lifestyle changes not just affecting their weight, but their life.

The skills and knowledge to facilitate group sessions and to work with individuals are delivered in this qualification inclusive of the ability to plan, create and evaluate programs for weight management based on a client’s personal goals. As a weight management consultant you will have the ability to monitor client progress and, in collaboration with appropriate medical or allied health practitioners (where required), utilise an evidence-based approach to deliver real solutions.

Course Outline

The Certificate IV in Weight Management includes 11 units of competency.

NAT10859001Work effectively in the weight management industry
NAT10859002Apply principles of psychology, mindset and behaviour modification to weight management
NAT10859003Develop meal plans in consultation with clients
NAT10859004Make exercise recommendations for weight management in consultation with clients
NAT10859005Undertake initial weight management consultations
NAT10859006Undertake regular weight management consultations
NAT10859007Design, plan and deliver weight management clinics for groups
NAT10859008Work collaboratively with networks
BSBCMM411Make presentations
BSBOPS404Implement customer service strategies
BSBESB404Market new business ventures
Essential entry requirements

Entrants to the Certificate IV in Weight Management must:

  • have the ability to use computers, to email, send and write word documents and to use basic spreadsheets
Recommended entry requirements

Entrants will benefit from having:

  • high level language, literacy and numeracy levels – sufficient to interpret research documents, prepare written reports and prepare a weight management plan including numeracy requirements for weights, measures and times. 

The following language, literacy and numeracy skills are likely to facilitate successful completion of the course:

  • Adaptability to understand and apply materials to various contexts
  • Oral and written communication skills sufficient to provide clear instructions and read and write manuals and reports and evaluate the impact of the materials
  • Ability to interpret, evaluate and apply legislation to business procedures
  • Interpersonal skills sufficient to acknowledge and respond and manage a wide range of views and relate to clients and colleagues from differing cultural, social and religious backgrounds
  • Problem solving skills required to fulfill job roles
  • Ability to perform complex numeric calculations 
  • Ability to use computers.

International students undertaking this course are required to have a score of 5.0 in International English Language Testing System (IELTS) to ensure they are able to understand and organisational policies and procedures and legislation requirements.

Limitations to entry
  • Students seeking entry to this course may be subject to an interview process, based on their initial application, to determine their suitability for providing support services to weight management clients.
  • This course exposes students to the challenge of mentoring clients who may have suffered challenging, emotionally confronting situations. It requires students to have sufficient maturity and work/life experience to provide professional support services within organisational and regulatory requirements. 
  • Students are required to read and interpret medical or allied health practitioner referrals, prepare referrals and weight management plans including the use of entering measurements, weights and times.

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Theory Assessment

Your Theory Assessment will include Multiple Choice Quizzes, Short Answer Quizzes & Case Studies, which can all be completed online.


Practical Assessment 

Your Practical Assessment involves Practical Assessment Role Plays to help ensure you’re prepared for your career. 

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