Our top reasons why a career is fitness is a great move in 2023

Are you considering a career change? If so, you may be wondering if a career in fitness is the right move for you? A career in fitness has always had a variety of benefits but more so now than ever before. 

Today there are multiple disciplines and areas of practice that make up the fitness industry, with many of these increasing in popularity in the last couple of years. 

With the health and fitness industry set to take on a more holistic and integrated approach in the coming years and embrace a broader definition of well-being that includes mind, body and spirit, there’s never been a better time to consider a career change.

But is it a career that suits you and your lifestyle? Let’s take a look at some compelling reasons why a career in fitness is a great choice in 2023 and beyond.

1. Job Satisfaction 

Working in the fitness industry has long been considered one of the most rewarding careers, with high levels of job satisfaction

Professionals in the fitness industry find it gratifying to work with clients throughout their health journey and bear witness to them achieving their fitness goals. Seeing the tangible results of your work with clients achieving more vitality and being able to do things they couldn’t previously is highly satisfying.

2. Diversity

Another reason cited for job satisfaction in the fitness industry is the ability to be part of an entire health and wellness journey for clients, from developing personalised fitness plans, to tips for healthy eating and lifestyle changes. Working in the fitness industry is about being more than just a trainer. It allows you to explore different practice areas that interest you, whether you’re wanting to help people achieve physical goals, or you want to take a more holistic approach with mind, body and spirit outcomes. 

With so many demographics increasingly determined to stay fit and healthy, and with an interest in varied disciplines, there is plenty of opportunity to diversify and find your own niche in fitness!

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3. Demand is High for Fitness Professionals 

Some industries have seen rapid growth over the past two years, and the health and fitness industry is one of them. Since 2021 we have seen a rise in employment rates in the fitness industry, and that number is expected to remain steady into 2025. 

People of all ages are increasingly aware of the need to remain fit, and they’re willing to pay for one-on-one support that provides them with motivation and inspiration.

If you do your job well as a personal trainer and you’ll never be short of referrals from clients that you have helped.

Furthermore, many industries are being impacted by automation, but when it comes to personal training sessions – there’s nothing like providing physical guidance through exercise!

Continued growth in the industry will ensure that starting a career in fitness will be one you can continue successfully into future years.

4. Lifestyle 

Flexible working hours is certainly a topic we have heard a lot about over the last two years. With the work from home movement and employees wanting more choice in choosing their hours and location, it seems as if the ‘norm’ has now become ‘not normal’. The fitness industry has always provided a flexible working schedule, but now with clients increasingly having more flexibility, it means you don’t have to work outside of ‘normal’ working hours if you choose not to.

Ultimately, while you have to work around your client’s availability, you can choose to provide your personal training services when it suits you! Having a customisable work schedule is just another benefit to kick-starting your career in the fitness industry!

As an added bonus, you can forget ‘work’ wear and live in leisure wear. Now that’s a ‘work’ perk.

And finally, while your role involves helping others get fit, it will naturally keep you healthy and fit also.

Studying with Onfit Training College in 2023

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