Introducing FITREC- A New Approach to Fitness Registration!

A Fresh Approach to Registration for Fitness Professionals, Students and Business Owners

FITREC has emerged as a new registration options for fitness professionals, which also includes some fantastic features for students and business owners. We got to ask Dennis Hosking, Director of FITREC and Healthy People, what motivated him to create FITREC& HealthyPeople, and exactly what they can provide Onfit Students and Graduates!

Where it all began – Dennis Hosking

Student Spotlight

I began as an aerobics Instructor. There wasn’t many guys doing aerobics at that time (this is pre Les Mills – think ‘Let’s get Physical’), so I was able to pick up work pretty easily and I found I really enjoyed helping a lot of people at once, rather than one at a time. Managing Personal Trainers​ for a group of clubs in Melbourne was my first full time commercial role. I learned a lot about business and marketing and especially how challenging it could be to find great Trainers.

]From there I moved into operations for a corporate health group.​ This involved managing staff and programs at a variety businesses in Victoria. Once again, staffing was one of my biggest headaches.  

Why did you to create FITREC and HealthyPeople?

HealthyPeople ​was created in response to my own experiences finding work and staff. I wanted to build something that helped professionals as much as employers. To this end, we were the first service to provide professionals with the ability to promote themselves to employers. It sounds pretty obvious now, but at the time there was nothing of the kind available in any industry. It took a while to gain momentum, but now our community is in excess of 81,000 professionals and more than a thousand employers from all over Australia.

FITREC ​was born out of frustration with existing registration services. Our work with professionals and employers gave us insight into the problems they were facing. We approached existing providers to offer assistance but were turned away. We did our research and decided that the best solution for our clients was to create an alternative registration body that delivered the service we felt industry professionals deserved.

How is FITREC different from other registration options available to Fitness Graduates/professionals?

When developing FITREC we questioned everything. If it didn’t benefit professionals or the industry, it was scrapped. As a result, we’ve very little in common with existing providers. For example, we scrapped CEC requirements, we don’t charge educators to promote courses and your time in industry is more important than the number of years you’ve paid for fitness registration. The table below is a good summary^.

*  PAA does not have profiles for industry professionals

^ To learn more on many of these features, head to https://fitrec.com.au/page/fitrec-is-different

FITREC for students– The transition from study to industry professional can be a big leap. Even for those with a clear picture of where they’re heading, the path to a successful career is not a smooth one. FITREC Student Recognition is designed to inform, connect, support and ensure they are best represented to employers clients and other professionals.Key services include;

  • All the features of the professional service at 40% of the price
  • Banner indicating student status
  • Free promotion on HealthyPeople to help with work experience
  • Free promotion on HealthyPeople to help with work opportunities
  • Professional assistance building an industry leading profile
  • An opportunity to build connections that will exist long into your career

FITREC for qualified professionals – FITREC was created to better service industry professionals. We accept that registration is a choice, our goal is to provide a service that ensures professionals are given the tools and support they need to take their career as far as they desire. Key services include;

  • Profiles that recognise all education, experience and accomplishments
  • Free and discounted opportunities for professional development
  • Support form a network of respected service providers

FITREC will soon be for business – We’re putting the finishing touches on a service to help employers source, train and retain leading industry professionals. Key services to include;

  • Industry recognition and support for staff
  • Connection with education providers for structured staff development
  • Free and discounted services to recruit staff members

Check out all of Onfit Training College’s FITREC Recognised courses. All of our qualifications are Level A recognised, and Professional Development Courses are Level B recognised.

Professional Development Courses are Level B recognised.

What are some of the most exciting features that you’ve recently released or have coming up in the future

FITREC has been evolving and growing since we started.

One of the features I’m most excited about is the new review of fitness courses. I love to see industry people providing insight for other industry professionals to view. Even if no review has been provided, you can see the type of professionals that have done a specific course before. It gives professionals a chance to follow in the footsteps of those that are achieving the success that they might be looking for.

The direction of FITREC is another thing that excites me. A LOT. We’re focused on reshaping the industry into one that is collaborative, transparent, accountable and supportive. An industry where leaders are easily identified and become instrumental in helping shape successful careers for those that follow. And the best thing is that FITEC is only the medium – leading change is something we’re doing together, as an industry.

To find out more about FITREC click here to visit the FITREC website.