Industry Inspo: Jake Powell & Be Inspired Personal Training (BIPT)

Jake Powell & Be Inspired Personal Training

Be Inspired Personal Training

Success in the fitness industry, with Jake Powell

Jake Powell and the Be Inspired Personal Training (BIPT) team have helped hundreds of fitness graduates with learning the ropes in becoming successful personal trainers. We had the pleasure of learning more about the BIPT process and what they’ve learnt in helping PTs achieve success.


What led you to BIPT?

Having worked as a club manager in Anytime Fitness for 3 years, BIPT was operating in my club and collectively we have been able to create a highly-stable environment where PTs were able to flourish and build their businesses. The drive and passion for the fitness industry that I saw from BIPT to help trainers become the best possible PTs they could be, aligned with my vision and motivations of assisting people grow and develop into the people they want to be.


What is your mission/vision at BIPT?

Our mission at BIPT is to provide support, training and development to PTs both studying and fully qualified to build their business and flourish in the fitness industry. We’re not here to tell you this is the right or wrong way to operate your business but help guide and assist PTs in making the best decisions.


Could you tell us how you work with Anytime Fitness?

BIPT works with Anytime Fitness by assisting club owners and managers in looking after the PT aspect of the club. BIPT is contracted into clubs and is responsible for the recruitment, on-boarding, support, training and development of the trainers. By coming in as a specialist group, we’re able to provide greater levels of involvement to a trainer than a regular club owner or manager would be able to do; this, in turn, allows the club to drive more sales and leads to the PTs.

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What do you feel is the key to creating long-term successful PT’s?

I feel that the key to creating long-term successful PTs is providing the opportunity for them to grow and learn in the spaces they want to. A happy trainer is 9/10 times a good trainer and if a trainer is consistently provided with growth and development opportunities, they are likely to be happier and more successful. 

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How do you help new PT’s become successful in the industry?

BIPT assists new PTs to become successful in the fitness industry through guidance and support in the very early stages of their business and practical development. A lot of PTs are unsure of how to set up a business model tailored to themselves which is where we come into the picture to help them have this organised and in place. Further to this, we assist in other areas such as sales, lead generation ideas, promotions in the club and most importantly how to engage with a member during your sessions and ideas on what to do during the sessions.


Want to develop your business skills? Our Personal Trainer Business Success Course provides a step-by-step guide in running a successful PT business.


What do you find is the most rewarding part of your job?

 The most rewarding part of my job is seeing a trainer become successful and achieve the goals they had originally set out to achieve. One of the most rewarding things I have found in my role is when I speak to a trainer and they say they have converted people into new clients because that is the pathway to success.


What advice would you give to someone who’s just graduated?

My advice to a PT that has just graduated from their course would be to be open to as many different opportunities as possible, don’t think that there is only one right or wrong way to do things. Organisations don’t expect you to be the perfect PT (there’s no such thing!), but if you’re someone that’s willing to learn and take a chance on your career, you will see results at the end of it.


What can we look forward to seeing from BIPT in 2021?

There are big things planned for BIPT in 2021, from an increased network size in the number of trainers and clubs we are directly working with to a brand new professionally developed onboarding process/system. Everything we’re doing in 2021 is focused on our key mission of developing trainers and providing opportunities to help those looking to get into the fitness industry.