Kira’s top tips for a long-lasting career in health and fitness

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Our Career Advisor, Kira, joined the team in 2010, and has helped hundreds of students launch their careers in the health and fitness industry. With her vast experience as a career advisor, Kira shares her top tips for a long-lasting career in the health and fitness industry

1.  Engage with your passion

We get tons of health and fitness businesses looking to hire our graduates and what’s the number one thing they ask for? PASSION! They want passionate people to join their team and that’s something we can’t teach you (but we can still help)! Remember why you wanted to get started with your career in the first place, think of who you want to help most and what you want to get out of your career. And If you’re still not sure, check out my next point! 

2. Explore what the industry has to offer

The health and fitness industry is full of new trends, technology and opportunities. It is ever changing which means there’s always plenty to explore! Try different classes, listen to podcasts, read articles and chat with other professional/ enthusiasts – you’re bound to grow as a professional and re-ignite the drive you need to succeed.

3. Invest in yourself

There’s no better investment than one in yourself. As a health and fitness professional, your expertise & skills are crucial to your clients trusting you, and in you getting the best results for them. Giving yourself the best quality education will not only give you the best platform for success, your confidence in your own abilities will shine through when you’re talking to clients and business connections. 

4. Don’t underestimate Sales & Business Skills

There’s no doubt your technical skills are important, but sales and business skills are equally important yet often overlooked. Regardless of whether you want to join an existing business or build your own, you are your business. Your ability to manage everything from your insurance, finances, marketing & sales skills will ultimately determine your long-term success. 

5. Ask advice

The health and fitness industry is full of passionate people, who want to share their experiences, views and interests. Connect with as many people as you can and don’t be shy to ask advice from people you look up to. Don’t forget as an Onfit Student or Graduate, our team of educators are always here to share their expertise. If you’re not studying with us yet, the Career Advisor team (like myself) are here to give career and course advice, no matter how experienced you are.

6. Walk the Talk

You’re a walking, talking advertisement for your business, which means you should practice what you preach and if you’re talking about the value of qualified professionals, ensure you’re utilizing the services of a PT, Weight Management Practitioner or any other qualified professional, to live the happiest, healthiest life you can. Your clients will be able to see the authenticity in your own wellbeing. 

7. Give yourself an edge

Demand for health and fitness professionals continues to grow, and there’s so many professionals to meet this demand. It’s important that you stand out to your ideal clients. If you want to help professional athletes, teach group classes or offer nutritional advice, then specialise in that specific area, to show you’re the right person for the job. Giving yourself an edge will also mean you’re going to be more equipped to succeed in helping your clients, so your reputation and word of mouth referrals will grow too!

8. Keep developing

Just because you have the qualifications you need  for your career, doesn’t mean you should stop there. Make sure you continue to develop as you progress with your career. This doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars, but it does mean to value education. Don’t do the bare minimum, and dedicate time and effort in developing skills and learning new things. ]Meet our Team Kira Harvey

Written by Career Advisor, Kira Harvey, in Celebration of our 10th Birthday & Kira’s 8 year anniversary with Onfit.