The Best Foods to Eat After Exercise and Aid Muscle Recovery

Products for a balanced diet in the form of a pyramid.Muscles are in particular danger after exercise, and care should be taken to eat the right foods to aid their repair.

Proteins and carbohydrates will help muscles as well as replacing used energy. The protein helps rebind muscles, while carbohydrates give the energy for this to happen: without replenishing muscles, workouts will be wasted.

Don’t forget liquids

Often overlooked is the need to rehydrate, with natural water being perfect to get liquid back into the body. The rule of thumb is to drink between two and three glasses of water for every pound lost when exercising.

Great carbohydrates for after exercise consumption

Brown rice is a common source of carbohydrates, though quinoa is becoming more popular (and it also contains more protein than brown rice).

Orange juice, like bananas, contains potassium as well as carbohydrates. Potassium helps to restore fluid levels in the body. Bananas release carbohydrates quickly, which is why they are a popular after-exercise source of carbs.

jar of protein powder and food with protein, isolated on whiteFantastic Proteins for after exercise consumption

Eggs are low in calories and high in protein, with an added bonus of vitamin D – and when eggs are cooked, the body will absorb twice the protein than it does when eggs are eaten raw.

Probiotic foodstuffs help toward rapid weight loss and maintain strong, but lean, muscles. Kefir contains a high level of proteins which are not found naturally in the body.

Salmon contains proteins, with the added advantage of providing the muscle building omega 3’s, and fruits such as blueberries provide antioxidants to aid rapid recovery. Dried fruits and nuts also provide protein, with carbohydrates included.


For athletes suffering from swelling and bruising, foods that are high in vitamin C help recovery. Pineapple, though, is one of the best anti-inflammatory foods as it contains bromelain, an enzyme which is also said to help suffers of rheumatoid arthritis and post-operative swelling.

Fitness training and coaching requires in-depth knowledge of real-world health issues such as the best foods to eat before and after exercise to achieve a number of different aims.

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