What Social Media Platform Is Best Suited For Your PT Business?

Social media So you have just become a fully certified Personal Trainer, you have a few clients who are progressing nicely and everything seems to be going well. There is only one issue, the amount of clients you have doesn’t seem to be building as fast as you first thought. It might be time to stop relying on those flyers you left at the gym and begin building your business’s social media profile. However, with many options available in today’s digital age, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best for your business. Let’s take a look at which social media platforms would best suit a PT business.


Instagram Infographic

Instagram is a huge player in the fitness industry. There are thousands of very successful bodybuilders and personal trainers who use the platform as a way to promote their personal brand. Instagram is fantastic at delivering a wide variety of nurturing content towards your followers easily. You can diversify your content from posting before and after pictures of clients, healthy recipes, motivational quotes, useful infographics and video clips of workouts. The art of hashtagging provides an avenue for other people to find your profile on Instagram. It is important to only use a couple for each post otherwise you might give off the wrong impression.  Make sure to remember not to push your business too hard, no one likes a page that’s always trying to sell them something, try and make it as natural as possible.


Facebook Infographic

Facebook, the big boy on the playing field when it comes to social media, is a great platform for creating a professional business page that both current and potential clients can interact with. From your personalised Facebook Page, you are able to post popular content from a wide variety of sources, including, workouts, diets and recipes. As a business page, you are also able to access the Business Manager function. Here you are able to access data on who is looking at your content, what content is performing well and how many people it is reaching. You are also able to advertise and boost posts, so your content reaches more people.


YouTube Infographic

Videos are fantastic at grabbing people’s attention on any platform of social media. Even though traditionally Youtube has been known for people watching random videos on the Internet. It is now a very powerful tool for getting your business regularly seen by a diverse range of people. Fitness videos are very popular on Youtube, with a potential to increase your PT businesses reach significantly. Your channel should include a variety of workout, dietary and lifestyle videos that are targeted to a wide range of people. The more views, the more people see your business.


Pinterest Infographic

Pinterest is a great platform for people to share and find content that they like. For your business, it should be no different.  Keep the fitness and lifestyle content regularly rolling through your profile. It would also be smart to create some of your own content as well, after all, more people pinning your posts means more traffic you’ll receive.  Pinterest is also a good platform to connect with people who have shown interest in your content. If they comment or pin something you post, then it would be wise to comment something back and engage with your audience. This shows the people that your a PT who really cares about your business.

The Results

So out of Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest, which do you think are the best for your PT business? The answer is not just one but all of them, the social media network is designed so that all platforms are able to successfully share and interact with each other.  But realistically for a new business owner, finding the time to produce that much content without letting the other accounts go unused is a lot of work. So for beginners, it would be smart to have 2 or 3 that you regularly use, and as your business grows, so can your online presence.
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