10 of the Best Health & Fitness Podcasts to Fuel your Passion

Here at Onfit, our team loves listening to Podcasts to learn from some of the industry’s brightest minds and best conversationalists. It’s never a bad time to invest in your own personal or professional development and Podcasts are an easy, enjoyable and free resource. We’ve compiled some of our favourites to help fuel your passion for the health & fitness industry!


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The mind muscle project is “dedicated to finding the most effective training and nutrition methods on the planet”. Hosted by Aussie gym owners Lachlan & Raphael, they cover a diverse range of fitness-related topics, with their guests. such as ‘CrossFit vs Strongman vs Powerlifting’, ‘The Carnivore Diet Science’’ and ‘What it Costs to Open a Gym’.

Check out The Mind Muscle Project here.


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Described as “Howard Stern meets fitness” the Mind Pump Podcast, balancing being entertaining yet informative. This podcast has one goal, to cut through BS and uncover scientifically backed solutions for your fitness goals. Mind Pump Hosts, Sal, Adam, Justin & Doug receive over a million listens every month and are a top 10 podcast, so we’re not the only ones who loved listening to these guys!

Check out Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth here.


If you like people who ‘walk the walk’, rather than just ‘talk the talk’, this challenge based Podcast could be for you! Fitness trainer & ex-sprinter, Katie Williams challenges herself to delve into a nutrition, health or lifestyle trend, which she’ll trial for two weeks to see the results for herself. Guided by expert guests, her challenges have included mobility, tracking macros and improving gut health.

Check out Better for It with Katie Wiliam here.


Host, Ryan DeBell, designed Movement Fix as a place you can learn to become a master of your body. Blending Ryan’s two passions for health/fitness & technology, this podcast aims to educate on a range of issues relevant to the health & fitness industry. While Ryan has a diverse university education in fields of Information Technology and Sports & Exercise Science and a Doctorate in Chiropractic, that doesn’t stop him from bringing on a range of expert guests including Author of Anatomy for Runners and Running Rewired, Jay Dicharry (MPT, SCS)  Found of Squat Academy, Dr Aaron Horschig (DC) & expert in integrative medicine and nutrition, Dr Jaime Scheher (ND,RD).

Check out The Movement Fix here.

5. FOUND MY FITNESS with Dr Rhonda Patrick, PhD

With a PhD in biomedical science and the ability to translate complex scientific topics into more easily understood and actionable insights, Dr Rhonda Patrick is the ideal host in guiding you to gain an in-depth understanding of some frequently discussed topics in health and fitness (and some not yet on the radar). Episode topics include time-restricted eating, sauna use for cardiovascular health, exercise as treatment for depression and preventing and reversing Alzheimer’s disease. Rhonda has also made repeat guest appearances on other popular podcasts, such as the Joe Rogan Experience and Tim Ferriss Show.

Check out Found my Fitness here.


Aligned with the ‘health’ side of health and fitness, this podcast is led by 4 Paramedics who chat about the ins and outs of their role, care of patients, approaches to different medical or trauma encounters, and advice for new paramedics. If you’re not qualified in a health related field, this may be too advanced for you, but either way you will definitely learn a lot – especially if you love watching shows like ‘Paramedics’ and ‘Ambulance’. The casual conversion and debate makes this podcast really enjoyable. 

Check out Free Radical Paramedic Podcast here.


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This one’s for the lifters! With an array of opinions throughout the lifting community, this Podcast aims to unite all lifters, by working to “distill a unified philosophy of lifting and to help listeners find greater meaning from the iron.” There’s plenty up for discussion from Hosts Eric Helms and Omar Isuf including lifting (of course!), programming, nutrition, supplements/PEDs and the history of lifting culture. Their conversational format makes for a really enjoyable listen.

Check out Iron Culture here.


Our list wouldn’t be complete without a Podcast that brings a strong focus on mental health & wellness. Best of You In The House of Wellness is an Aussie podcast that discusses wide-reaching topics like overcoming failure, thriving through change and the power of hopel

With a special guest from within the sport and fitness industry joining Hosts, Jo Stanley & Emma Murray, every episode, you get to hear from some of the most well regarded sporting figures & athletes, in a totally different light. 

Check our Best of You in the House of Wellness here.


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This Strength & Conditioning Podcast is filled with banter, jokes and tons of special guests. It’s such an enjoyable listen you might not realise how much you’re learning, don’t be fooled through, the PowerAthlete crew really know what they’re talking about! The show is hosted by Luke Summers and Tex McQuilkin and features Power Athlete CEO John Welbourn. Each week they’ll chat with world class coaches, authors, scientists and more.

Check out the PowerAthlete Podcast here. 


Whether you’re an athlete or an everyday gym-goer, you’re bound to learn something with this podcast. Host, Michael, has a talent for asking less-than typical questions to his range of diverse guests, which opens up some really intriguing topics. You’ll likely find that you can apply what you learn to several areas of your life; whether that be physical fitness goals, mindset or simply how to be a “well rounded human”. With an archive of over 100+ episodes that have been downloaded over 2.5 million times, we’re not the only ones who have enjoyed this Podcast! 

Check out Brute Strength here.

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