The Top 9 Advantages to Studying an Online Course!

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Onfit is turning 9 this month and to celebrate our success we want to share the best aspects of studying online with us!

Since technology is well and truly a part of our everyday lives, it’s no wonder online learning continues to grow in popularity. Whether it’s because you lead a busy lifestyle, you’re after convenience or it’s just your personal preference, there’s plenty of reasons why online courses will continue to be a top choice for students everywhere. In fact, it’s expected that by 2019 roughly half of all US college classes will be eLearning-based.

With 9 years of expertise in online health and fitness education, we know first hand that there is so many benefits to online study for those who choose this method of study, so we want to share the best aspects of online education as a celebration to our many years in the industry!

Here’s Our Top 9 Advantages to Studying an Online Course!

(Important note, these benefits relate specifically to Onfit Training College’s online course and services)

1. Self-Paced Learning.

Have you ever been in a classroom setting, listening to a lecture or discussion and missed something that your teacher said? Or perhaps you didn’t quite understand something, but before you knew it the conversation had moved on? With online learning, you can pause, take your time and access additional resources so you can feel confident you understand your course content 100%.

2. More Efficient Learning.

In contrast, if you understand a concept really quickly, you can move onto the next topic and spend time on the areas you need to. You don’t have to account for the needs of a whole class, you only take as long as you need. This is especially beneficial if you’ve got prior experience or education in a particular area.

Online Course Study Home3. Flexibility.

There’s no doubt that we continue to lead busier lifestyles. Online courses allow you to study around your schedule, but not only that,  it’s actually designed for busy lifestyles with features like starting back on course wherever you left off. Face-to-Face learning doesn’t allow for that same level of flexibility, even if you can’t make one class or are away sick, you miss out and risk falling behind.

4. Improved Assessment Methods.  

At Onfit, we know how important the practical component of health and fitness courses are since we know how hands-on you’ll be in the industry. Our highly regarded Video Evidence is the perfect example of technological advances in education and how these can benefits students and educators alike. Our assessors can watch you communicate with and instruct a client through your video. While our Tutors are watching your submission, they’re giving you their undivided attention, resulting in more accurate, personalised and detailed feedback for you. Not to mention when it comes to your online assessment requirements, you can complete your quizzes online and get your results instantly, so you can continue to move through your course quickly.

5. Engaging Course Content.

There’s a lot of research and development that goes behind the scenes when it comes to online course development. Our courses include a mixture of multimedia including diagrams, images, videos and animations which are proven to help you absorb information must easier^^. Our courses also incorporate chunking or micro-learning where learning material is broken into smaller ‘chunks’, proven to improve retention rates^^. The end result – you learn and remember better.

6. Support on Your Terms.

Onfit Tutor Rob - Here to support your online course studiesThis is often an overlooked, but very important aspect of any course. Motivation, momentum and attitude play a huge role in learning and having support when you need it really helps to keep you on track. With online learning, support is designed to be more flexible, to suit how you and when you need help. For example our after hours & weekend support and video chat tutorials’


7. Value for Money.

There’s no doubt that online courses are the most cost-effective option when it comes to education. Since there are fewer overheads for colleges that deliver online, we can (and do) pass on the savings to our students, meaning online courses definitely give you the best bang for your buck.

8. Lifetime Access to Content.

Your online course can be used as a resource long after you graduate, with downloadable course content and study manuals at your fingertips. Not to mention, at Onfit you’re considered a student for life, so if you ever have a question after you graduate our tutors are still here to help you! It’s learning that lasts a lifetime.

9.You Can Enrol Whenever You Like.

Unlike traditional semesters or class dates, with our online courses, you can get started whenever you’re ready! You don’t need to travel to a campus to enrol, and once you’ve completed your forms, you can be studying in a matter of hours!

Want to learn even more about our online course delivery and career pathways? Contact us or call us on 1300 557 637 to speak with one of our expert Career Advisors and learn how we can help you achieve your education and career goals!


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