5 Professional Development Courses You Can Study Over the Holidays…

5 Professional Development

5 Professional Development Courses You Can Study Over the Holidays…”

We know the silly season is also the slow season when it comes to gyms and fitness centres, so in the spirit of embracing this quiet time, why not take the opportunity to add extra skills and services that you can use to promote yourself in the new year. With all of our courses being online, you can study whenever it suits you. We’ve narrowed down our top 5 professional development courses for health and fitness professionals…better yet all of the courses we’ve mentioned are on sale for Christmas!

Here’s Our Top 5 Profesional Development courses to study over the Holidays…” 5 Professional Development

WHAT YOU LEARN: In this course you will take a detailed look at how to complete advanced pre-exercise functional screenings, how to assess clients for posture, stability and mobility and how to program an effective and thorough personal training/coaching session.

This course is considered the next step for already qualified PTs, who are looking to develop skills and provide the best training and results for their clients.

IDEAL FOR: Fitness Professionals looking to Advance their Skills

CAREER BENEFITS: Improved skills to provide your clients with better results and an edge against the competition

COST: $695 $299Kettlebell Fundamentals Professional Development Course

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Designed for fitness professionals new to kettlebell training, the Kettlebell Fundamentals course will teach you the skills and techniques to deliver a variety of kettlebell exercises safely and with expertise.

IDEAL FOR: Fitness Professionals (no kettlebell experience needed)

CAREER BENEFITS Added service you can offer your clients

COST:  $295 $135

 Professional Development

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: As an entry-level boxing course you’ll learn the basics of boxing and pad work techniques, covering a wide range of different punches in order to give you the skills to create fun, innovative boxing combinations that you can use with your personal training clients.

IDEAL FOR: Fitness Professionals (no boxing experience needed)

CAREER BENEFITS: Added service you can offer your clients

COST:  $295 $160

Advanced Nutritional Coaching

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: This course has been written for the fitness professional that has an interest in developing their knowledge of nutrition and food recommendations for high performance clients. The course examines many of the key nutritional concepts used in the health and fitness industry and looks at what nutritional interventions may suit a client, based on their specific training goals and lifestyle.

IDEAL FOR: Health and Fitness Professionals


  • For Weight Management Practitioners: Added service you can offer your clients (specific for sports training)
  • For Personal Trainers: Improved knowledge to provide your clients with better results (within your existing scope)
  • For Allied Health Assistants: Improved knowledge to assist you with your role

COST: $695 $495

Heart Rate Variability

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Heart Rate Variability is a tool that can be used to determine how a person’s (autonomic) nervous system is functioning on a moment-by-moment and day-by-day basis.

Having an understanding of the state of a person’s autonomic nervous system at any given moment is a huge advantage when identifying specific goals, prescribing specific exercise or recovery programs, or measuring client progress. This course will give you the skills and knowledge to utilise heart rate variability training as a part of a holistic health and wellness approach for any and all of the clients you work with.

IDEAL FOR: Health and Fitness Professionals

CAREER BENEFITS: Improved skills to provide your clients with better results

COST: New Release special $495

If you’re ready to get stuck into your professional development studies, you can visit our course page to browse all the professional development courses we offer or you can contact us to organise more info or to get started!