What are the best fitness apps for 2017?

best fitness apps

In this day and age, it takes a brave person to ignore the benefits of technology. From connecting to our family and friends at the touch of a button to being able to complete courses online, technology is having a massive impact in almost all corners of our lives.

Not only does technology make us act differently, it has the changed the way we think about even the simplest concepts. Take fitness, for example. Using technology applications, we now have access to a whole world of numbers and graphs, designed to track our health and fitness progress, from our heart rates, to calories burnt and even speed.

For today’s personal trainers, fitness apps represent fantastic insight in real-time – something that just wasn’t possible in the past. So, with the calendar ticking over to 2017 – what are the apps to download this year?



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The Fitbit brand has been a cornerstone of the fitness technology generation, producing a number of wearable fitness trackers since 2007. In recent times, the Fitbit app has significantly improved and you don’t even have to have the tracker to get value from it.

Wondering how? Well, the upgraded app has built-in sensors which can connect to a smartphone’s GPS and accelerometer to track everything from step counts to routes. To really use the app to your advantage, log other forms of exercise, diet, water intake and sleep to get an accurate overview of your health and fitness levels. Fitbit will also email you regularly to update your progress.



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Are you game to try and beat other fitness fanatics? If so, Fitocracy could be your app of 2017. Put simply, Fitocracy is part fitness app, part social network where you can search for all the best exercise routines and circuits.

The magic of Fitocracy is that you can post your scores to the social network, competing against people from around the world in this fun and interactive medium. Challenge each other to work harder, faster and stronger and reap the benefits of improving your fitness. You can also use the daily fitness articles and tips from the knowledge centre to learn more about what is trending in this exciting sector.



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For personal trainers and their clients, diversifying the training plan is always important. If bodybuilding is on the training programme, then the JEFIT might be a great addition to your phone this year.

As well as being a database for thousands of different routines, the app can break these down into specific body parts – ensuring that the focus is always where it needs to be. Log weights and reps for each exercise and then record every set for a comprehensive overview of your progress.

Spring Running Music

Music is an important part of health and fitness. Often used for motivation and setting the pace for a routine, most of us make sure we have a great playlist on hand for a gym session. However, what happens when you get bored of your current playlists and want something a little more engaging?

Well, the answer might lie in the Spring Running Music app. Depending on the length of your training, it can suggest both songs and playlists from a collection of more than 40,000. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a speedy EDM tune for a sprint, or a slow and steady jazz number for low impact exercises, music selection is always critical.

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