4 Traits a Business Professional Looks For When Choosing a PT

Student Spotlight

To say the least, a professional career can be stressful. To combat the stress that builds up during the working day, any smart professional knows that the key to maintaining a healthy mind and body is regular exercise. Due to this, Personal Trainer’s are in high demand to help provide this service. To make sure you’re attracting clients from this growing market, here are 4 things a business professional looks for when choosing a PT.

Business professional infographic

1. Availability

The life of a business professional is nothing shy of intense, with the regular stress of business life, balanced with the added pressure of a family and social life; it is a PT’s role to seamlessly fit into their schedule. As a PT it is crucial that you are able to provide sessions that suit your client’s busy schedule. Key elements like consistency and flexibility are top of mind when clients choose which PT to use.

2. Experience

Practise makes perfect as they say. As a PT you have to show your client that you have been around the block. Your clients are not guinea pigs; they do not like being a test subject for unknown programs and processes. It is important to let your client know that you have trialled and tested your process numerous times and you know exactly what to do and how it works. For those freshly certified trainers, practice your workouts on yourself or friends, understand exactly what is being and trained and why.

3. Personality

PT’s can sometimes be more than just a trainer; sometimes they can become an avenue for professionals to both emotionally and physically exert stress. As a PT it is your responsibility to ensure your personality is accommodating to the client. If someone wants you to scream and scare them into that extra rep, then do it, if they want positive reinforcement then you pepper them with cheerleading from the side. Either way, it is important to jive with your client and allow them to enjoy the process, while getting results.

4. Certification

A  PT should be able to present their qualifications with no hesitation. Being properly certified shows clients that you are not only legally able to practice your profession but also that you have been properly trained in your area of expertise. If these professionals are taking time off their business schedules to use your service, they need to know that they are dealing with a properly qualified trainer. Onfit have a wide variety of courses that can get you fully qualified for your fitness career!

For any assistance in getting qualified to work as a fitness professional, Onfit has a range of different courses that can help you on any fitness career path. Contact us or call us on 1300 557 637 to speak with one of our expert Career Advisors!