Facebook Ads and Why You Need Them

Any fitness professional working in today’s digital era understands the value of having a digital presence. Naturally, this comes from creating websites and social media pages that post regular content to keep in touch with both their current and potential clientele. Now this on its own is quite effective at generating attention towards your businesses page, but those who are seriously looking to build their fitness career utilise Facebook advertising. Why? Facebook ads use an advanced algorithm which allows for customisable advertising towards specific demographics at an affordable price. Sounds pretty good right? Well, let’s explore what Facebook advertising is and why it is important for a fitness professional.

What is Facebook Advertising?
To put it simply, it’s those advertisements you see while scrolling through the news feed that are strangely accurate at displaying products you may be interested in. Well, these crafty adverts are created by businesses for Facebook users. They factor in numerous elements of the user such as their activity, demographic information, device use information, pages liked, financial status, work, location and many more. As a business you can invest your money in Facebook Advertising by either boosting posts (otherwise known as sponsored posts) or creating digital advertisements.

Why is it important to a Personal Trainer?
So why use Facebook advertising when you can post content for free? Well long story short, the organic reach Facebook provides has a limit. Even though creating and posting regularly to your page is successful at reaching new clients. In today’s Facebook environment, there’s more and more content being generated, meaning it’s harder for your businesses content to be at the top of your desired audiences news feed or even make it to their newsfeed. Here are some key factors about Facebook advertising that personal trainers should know about.

Facebook Advertising Infographic

So the good news about advertising on Facebook is that, as a rule, it’s significantly cheaper than other advertising platforms. There’s a lot that goes into understanding how much your Facebook Ad will cost. Basically, every ad created encompasses everything from your target audience, how much you bid, quality of ad, industry and even time of year. Along with this, you also have options for either pay-per-click or per thousands of impressions. Essentially, the more money you pay, not only should you reach more people, but also the right people.

Potential For Reach
There is a reason why so many businesses are moving to Facebook advertising, that reason would probably be the 2.13 billion monthly active Facebook users. Yes, Facebook has a huge amount of users and for your fitness business, potential clients. There are no signs of slowing down either with five new profiles being created every second and the average time visiting Facebook being 20 minutes. Out of this many people and this level of user activity your business will be able to find your target audience.

Tailored Targeting
This is where Facebook advertising shows its true power; in the ability to specifically target audiences out of their endless pit of users. This is done via Facebook storing massive amount of data on their users. For example, if someone likes a page relating to fitness or weight loss than Facebook will record that and add that user to a category relating to fitness. Then when you go to create an ad, you are able to select from a large range of targeting options, from these options you are able to choose how small or large you want that target audience to be.

Unlike traditional advertising outlets, Facebook allows extensive reporting on results of an advertisement. Ranging from how many people your ad reached, engagement levels, call to action response rates and the list goes on. If set up correctly, you can see if there was a direct return on investment from any advertisement or not. These results allow for constant tailoring, refinement and improvement of advertisements.

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