The Top 10 Annoying Gym Pet Peeves You’re Probably Guilty Of

Navigating the gym can be akin to diplomatic warfare, with silent battles fought over the treadmill reserve, dumbbell domains, and locker room politics. Each session yields stories of strife, humour, and a lot of grunting. But hidden within the cacophony of clanging weights and the relentless pursuit of the perfect squat is a harsh truth: we gym-goers are a diverse bunch, and not everyone plays by the unspoken rules of fitness facility etiquette. Read on to find an enlightening list of the most common gym pet peeves that are sure to resonate with fitness aficionados everywhere.  


  1. Stealth Sweaters

It’s a familiar sight; you approach a machine, dumbbell, or bench and, before use, you dutifully wipe the surface to ensure it’s free of another gym-goer’s sweat – except it wasn’t wiped for you. We’re left to wonder: are they unaware or simply uncaring? Either way, their apparent inability to clean up after themselves is a top-tier gym annoyance. It’s a small step, but universally appreciated in this shared space. 

  1. Multiplexers

They operate like hyper-efficient machines, seamlessly alternating between reps and unrelated exercises. In the midst of it all, they strategically position themselves to monopolise equipment, even if they aren’t actively using it. It’s important to bear in mind that a gym is a shared space, not a personal residence. Let’s cultivate a spirit of sharing and mutual respect in our fitness community. 

  1. Weights in the Wild

Re-racking weights. It’s a lesson you’re taught on your first day of gymming and yet, somehow, it seems to have missed the memo for some. Walls adorned with heavy plates, floors strewn with abandoned dumbbells – these are the collateral damage of laziness or carelessness. The muscle you’ll exercise by re-racking may not the one you intended to work on, but we appreciate the reps, nonetheless. 

  1. Verbose Versatility

A quick exchange of pleasantries, a passing comment on shared fitness goals… and before you realise it, you find yourself caught in a marathon conversation with a Chatty-Cathy during what was supposed to be your well-deserved rest period at the gym. While friendly conversations are appreciated – after all, we’re all human here – it might not be the most ideal time to engage in them, especially in the bustling gym floor during rush hour. 

  1. The Unsolicited Trainer

“You know, you can really get a better burn if you tilt your pelvis just so…” Sometimes meant well, sometimes not, unsolicited advice can be more than a little frustrating. It’s like having someone constantly peering over your shoulder, critiquing your every move at the gym. If we wanted a personal trainer, we’d hire one. But thanks all the same; now, excuse me while I struggle through my reps in peace, trying to ignore the unwanted tips echoing in my ears. 


  1. The Loud Grunter

Grunting definitely has its place – it’s essential, especially during those intense workouts where it signifies pushing your personal limits to achieve your fitness goals. However, as beneficial as it can be, it might veer towards being excessive when the soundtrack of your gym session resembles a recording straight out of the gorilla enclosure at the zoo. It’s crucial to find that delicate balance between focused exertion and the kind of effort that turns heads in the gym. 

  1. The Phone-Lifter

In today’s constantly connected world, our phones have become essential. However, when they start to overshadow our workout routines, that’s when we need to reassess. It’s okay to reply to texts or pick up an important call, but don’t forget to switch from your app to your exercise regime. And here’s a thought – if you must, snap a quick gym mirror selfie, then leave the phone in the locker and focus on your workout. 

  1. The Space Invader

We’re not at a teeny-bopper concert; there’s no need to stand quite so close if there’s room to spread out. This is especially true for the weight rack; no one wants to be smothered by another person’s sweat or have their personal space invaded during a workout. So, let’s do each other a favour and remember that sharing (and respecting) space is also part of gym etiquette. 

  1. The Hygiene Deficient

Yes, it’s a space to sweat and push your limits. However, you shouldn’t have to deal with someone else’s lingering odour as you move through your circuits. Basic hygiene isn’t about being obsessive; it’s simply a matter of respect and consideration for others sharing the space with you. Taking a moment to ensure you’re fresh before your workout can go a long way in creating a more pleasant and welcoming environment for all.


  1. The Impersonal Trainers

Not all gym trainers are created equal; while personal trainers are great, it’s the impersonal trainers who make this list. These are the trainers whose focus seems to drift away from the gym members who may need help. It could be due to being engrossed with their own clients or a momentary lapse in attention, but their oversight in providing guidance can lead to frustration or even injury. A friendly nudge or a quick word of advice could really help someone new to the gym or unsure about an exercise. Creating a supportive and safe gym environment benefits everyone! 


Wrapping Up: A Call to Gym Etiquette and Unity 

In the end, gym pet peeves can range from the trivial to the deeply personal, reflecting the unique paths we each take on our fitness journeys. Whether it’s the exasperating habits or the light-hearted moments, these quirks are woven into the fabric of the broader gym culture. Ultimately, a touch of consideration can significantly enhance the collective gym environment, fostering a more enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved. Whether you find yourself in a group workout setting or flying solo, let’s raise a toast to engaging in more mindful fitness sessions and experiencing fewer exasperating moments in the midst of a challenging push.