5 Tips to Improve Your Client Training Relationship: For Personal Trainers

It’s inevitable that some clients will leave a personal trainer – goals are achieved, or financial constraints or time pressures may dictate, for example. However, to be avoided are clients leaving because of poor working relationships with the personal trainer.

Dissatisfied clients will always find an excuse for leaving a personal training program. However, the reality may be that expectations are not being met, or they are finding the training too hard (or too easy).

If a client leaves for genuine reasons, they’ll be happy to recommend you to others. But those that have been disaffected will never pass your name on to other prospective clients.

It’s clear that the impact of any client departure depends upon your relationship with them – it’s an integral part of your success.

5 ways to build a good client relationship

  1. Act professionally

Ensure you attend sessions on time, arriving prepared and focused on the needs of the client.

  1. Communicate well

Effective communication helps to ensure expectations are met. Make sure your client knows what to do and why. Make sure they understand by requesting feedback.

  1. Tailor training to the client

Each client is an individual, and training plans need to take different needs and abilities into consideration. You’re the expert: demonstrate exercises and provide in session and home workout plans.

  1. Choose what is important

Struggling clients become frustrated and disheartened. Focus on elements where quick success is achieved before moving on to more difficult exercises in future sessions. This is a key strategy toward continuing client motivation.

  1. Be flexible and prepared to mix it up

Different clients respond differently to different cues. Mix up your cues between internal and external to find what works best for your client.

Also, be prepared to alter delivery strategy to illicit positive response, and regress to easier exercises if required. Other clients will progress faster, and you’ll need to allow for this, too.

A Positive Impact on your business

Great client relationships guarantee happy clients. Such clients are more likely to achieve set goals, and you’re more likely to exceed their expectations.

If you maintain good relationships with your clients, and they have no issue with the training itself, then irrespective of any client departure you’ll find you are recommended to others.

Your business is built on your expertise and great client/ trainer relationships. Losing clients does not have to impact your business negatively.

At Onfit we help you to build successful relationships with clients. Your clients will get exceptional personal training, and you will reap the benefits of happy clients who stay with you and refer you to friends and colleagues.