9 Top Tips to Master Online Home Study

Make the most of your home time!

We’ve been delivering online education for over 11 years now, and have learnt a few ‘tricks of the trade’ for how our students can get the most out of their online studies. In the midst of COVID-19, many of you are taking the opportunity to get ahead with your studies – so if that’s you, here’s our top tips for your success!

Here’s Our Top Tips

1. Find your Study Zone

Having a dedicated area for your studies will help you get into your ‘study zone’. Create a space that facilitates good habits like being free from distraction (avoid sitting in front of the TV),  and with a suitable chair and desk for good support and posture. You’d be surprised at the difference it can make when you’re having a long study session.

2. ‘Do Not Disturb’

Be prepared to study hard and avoid interruptions while you’re working through your course. To avoid distractions, switch off your emails, ensure you don’t have any social media platforms open, turn your phone to ‘do not disturb’ (or even leave it in another room to avoid temptation). You can also let people around you know that you’re studying, so they know not to disturb you (or at least they’ll try their hardest).

3. Routine is Key

Having a clear routine will help you to dedicate time to your studies regularly. Set regular time and days for your study and schedule reminders to ensure you don’t forget. Your schedule may have just changed due to COVID-19, so try to build in some study times to your new schedule, if you’re spending more time at home.

4. Help is on the way

Helping you is what we love to do! You’re not alone with your studies, it is our passion and role to support you throughout your course.

Onfit Tutor Rob - Here to support your online course studies

If you’re having trouble with a question or understanding your lesson content, just give us a call (1300 557 637) or send us an email (education@onfit.edu.au) and our team will be happy to guide you through whatever it is you need help with.

5. Take your time

Some things aren’t worth rushing, and your lessons are one of them! We know it can be tempting to skim through your lesson material, but if you take the time to read all of your materials and access the additional resources available to you, it will benefit you greatly and save you in the long run. Same goes for your assessment, make sure you’ve thoroughly read through instructions, so you’re not caught up by something minor like missing a requirement.

6. Break it up

When you’re studying for long periods, try to break every 40-50 minutes, to stretch, get up and walk around. Make sure you’re also drinking plenty of water to keep your brain hydrated. 

If you’ve achieved a ‘Not Yet Satisfactory’ result on an assessment, we also recommend taking a break before re-attempting. Use this time wisely to revisit your lesson material and ensure you understand what is being asked of you (be sure to ask for help if you need any clarification too).

7. Embrace your Community

You not only have the support from our entire team, but your fellow students as well! Join our Onfit Training College Alumni Facebook Group to chat with Onfit students and graduates, share your milestones, hear their stories of success or chat about your interests and goals.

Social Media Group

For those of you in our Virtual Reality Tutorials, make the most of the ‘almost’ face to face interaction and have a laugh! It can really feel you are in the same room and give you that sense of support and community feel. If you have other online communities that you enjoy connecting with, embrace them too!

8. Remember your ‘Why’

If you’ve been studying for a while, or you have additional stressors in your life (current pandemic included) it can be easy to lose sight of the passion that got you started on your study path and your end dream or goal, so remind yourself of why you’re studying and what you’re working towards. Think about how proud you’ll feel when you graduate, that sense of accomplishment and what your future will look like once you’ve completed your studies.

If you’re feeling particularly lost or out of sorts, take a few minutes to get inspired! Get your body moving, watch a favourite motivational video, or have some of your favourite quotes placed around your study space (or as your phone wallpaper), to give you that extra push you need.

9. Let’s Celebrate!

Just as we’re sure you will tell your future clients, celebrate those wins! As you progress through your course, you’ll be reaching milestones along the way – finishing a lesson, passing an assessment or module and finally completing a course! Every one of these are worth celebrating and keeps you motivated to complete your next step, before you know it you’ll be making strides!Home Study