Sharing Online Personal Training Tips with our Graduate, Jessica Louise – QuickFit!

online-personal-training-tips-with-our-graduate-jessica-louise-quickfitThere’s no better time to offer Personal Training services online, with demand at an all time high. Our Graduate, Jessica Louise, took the time to share more about her successful Online Personal Training Business, JL QuickFIT and what she’s learnt is key in training clients online.

Tell us about yourself and your business.

My name is Jessica and I’m the creator of JL QuickFit, a boutique training studio in WA that specialises in weight training and mindset. We have been running for just under 3 years and started out in a part and now have built our way up to opening our own studio. I got my qualifications through Onfit and can’t recommend them enough. They’re a huge reason behind my success.

What services do you offer clients and which are provided online? 

We run 21 classes a week over 6 days and our classes specialise in weight training. The programs are created to enhance the female physique. We do this in 45 minute sessions, targeting the abs, butt and thighs as well as upper body. 

I also train women online via my app, however they get customised programming and we go into their mindset, to pull back their self-sabotaging behaviour and reprogram the mind to have a new perspective.

Do you have pre-set programs or do you like to customise for your clients? 

Our programs are designed a month in advance and we do the same program for 4 weeks, before moving onto a different program.

We do this

a) because it prevents boredom

b) it keeps the muscles guessing and

c) to focus on a particular goal each new month.

What do you find is key in delivering services online successfully for your clients? 

The key to training people online is to listen to the way they talk about their goals, habits and belief, as it’s within the mindset we can create the most change. Also to create programs that are personalised to their individual needs, thus making it more sustainable.

How do you like to keep in communication with your online clients? 

My online clients get a phone call with me every week on a Monday. This enables us to work together and find the blocks that are coming up and again trying to shift the perspective. I also check in with them via our 2 way messaging system in my app.

Why are you so passionate about being able to offer services remotely to your clients? 

My biggest ‘why’ to working in this industry is helping women know their true worth, which can be found easily through fitness. When we feel we have a sense of control in our lives, we begin to hold ourselves differently, for the better. We ALL have the ability to feel strong and sexy in your own skin.

A BIG thank you to Jessica Louise for sharing more about her Online Personal Training Business! You can find more about Jessica Louise & QuickFit by visiting QuickFit’s Website, Facebook and Instagram.

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