Onfit Training College and In and Out Fitness Organisation


It may not be the issue that first comes to mind when thinking about health and fitness, but here at Onfit Training College we firmly believe that psychological well-being is just as important as physical fitness. That’s why we’re incredibly proud to be a partner of In and Out Fitness Organisation (IAOFO), providing support, education and opportunities for current and past members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Whether we’re talking about PTSD, anxiety, depression or substance abuse, the work of IAOFO provides a unique approach when it comes to supporting our military. Onfit helps with this in a number of ways, but two of the most important aspects of the partnership comes from providing career pathways and the Post War: Survive to Thrive program.

This program aims to supply all the tools that veterans need to take control of their lives.

Post War: Survive to Thrive Program

As Course Development Partners, Onfit has helped to transform the Post War: Survive to Thrive program into an online course. This is critical for ensuring that it can reach as many veterans as possible, providing that all-important assistance and support wherever it’s required.

The course itself came about as a result of IAOFO CEO Dane Christison’s own experiences as an East Timor and Iraq veteran. Dane has faced many of the same issues that are common amongst members of the armed forces, and through his own self-development and path to recovery, the Post War: Survive to Thrive program was developed. In fact, the Post War: Survive to Thrive has been approved by the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation for clinical study, which makes it the very first approved course to have been created by a veteran rather than a clinical professional.

To put it briefly, this program aims to supply all the tools that veterans need to take control of their lives. As it’s been created by first–hand experience, it provides experiential advice and techniques for dealing with everything from PTSD to the transition from service to civilian life. As the name suggests, IAOFO’s objective isn’t only to face problems such as anxiety and depression, but to put them firmly in the rear-view mirror and allow ADF members and their families to thrive and move forward into their futures.

Transferring skills

Of course, there’s always been a strong link between the health and fitness industry and the armed forces. Many current and former members of the ADF hold a keen and passionate interest in fitness, and this represents a huge opportunity to transfer existing skills into a career that is both rewarding and enjoyable. This doesn’t just apply to the exercise side of things either. Leadership and motivation are just a couple of the many aspects of armed service that can translate incredibly well into being a personal trainer or other fitness professional.

The only additional things that a veteran needs to get into their chosen field are a rounded knowledge base and, of course, the right qualification. This is another aspect of our partnership with In and Out Fitness Organisation – providing PT qualifications and training, and we are proud to offer 30 per cent discounts on course fees for the Certificate III in Fitness, Certificate IV in Fitness and Diploma of Fitness.

This doesn’t just apply to ADF members either. Family members including partners and children are also eligible to receive these discounts, reflecting the hugely important work that loved ones do in providing a platform of support for veterans across Australia.

The courses themselves are some of the most comprehensive personal training programs available. They provide a critical grounding in not just best practice for fitness, but also the business side of things, and the best ways to build relationships with clients to ensure that all of your sessions are positive and productive.

For more information on our partnership with IAOFO and the Post War: Survive to Thrive program, get in touch with Onfit Training College today.