3 Training Apps To Help Personal Trainer’s Establish Their Business

Establish Their Business

Any successful business comes with a lot of paperwork, organisation and client communication. Even though Personal Trainers mainly work in the gym, the paperwork does still pile up unfortunately. As a Personal Trainers client base increases, so does the number of programs, forms, assessments and client notes. Naturally this can become quite difficult to handle, and with the potential to lose clients as a result of not being able to keep up with the paper trail, there is a lot riding on your organisation skills. Luckily it’s 2018 and there is an app for everything, including running your PT business! Here are 3 different apps to help PT’s from humble beginnings to running your own gym.

Fitness Applications infographic

Training Notebook

Training Notebook is your one-stop shop for keeping track of client’s program status, contact information and most importantly, progress. The app prides itself on the fact that it has a very user-friendly interface which is perfect for newcomers to the PT game. From the home page you are able to easily access clients, view and edit training schedules, access pre-made training program templates as well as an interval timer for sessions. When diving deeper into the app, you can access the program page where you can build your clients training program and access the body assessment tab. In this tab, you can track your client’s progress through images, graphs and measurements. The app is fantastic for seeing your client’s progress and building new workouts for them, but when it comes to the scheduling of clients and managing business affairs the app does not deliver and is only available on iPad or computer. This is perfect for new and upcoming PT’s that have a small but growing client base. The app costs do vary on how many clients you have: for a PT with up to 10 clients it will cost $9.95/month, whereas for unlimited clients it will cost $25/month.


FitSW focuses on building a strong line of communication between you and your clients. All PT’s understand that client engagement is crucial for bringing customers back for more and this is where FitSW comes in handy. FitSW includes features that let you stay in contact with your clients, allowing them to post their workouts, diets and progress. Along with this, the app provides a personal training appointment schedule and calendar, a nutrition and diet planning tab, an online workout builder and a fitness progress tracking tab. Where the app stands out is the personalised trainer blog and content manager which allows you to share posts with the general public or to specific clients. This feature allows you to regularly engage with your clients, giving them real value for money. As your PT business builds, the app does also accommodate features that involve multiple PT’s and a customised website address, but this will come at a significantly higher cost. The app is best suited to well established PT’s who have a medium sized client based. The app costs $8.33/month for up to 60 clients.

My Best Studio

My Best Studio is aimed at those PT’s who have really built their business to a significant client base already. The app essentially does everything for you and sets your fitness business up for some serious growth. With this software you can control the businesses scheduling, online bookings, sales transactions and the signing of new clients. Additionally, you are also able to monitor the businesses revenue streams and understand which areas of the business make the most money. My Best Studio also has the ability to craft a unique application for your clients to download. This app is built and designed specifically for your business at no extra cost. The software itself doesn’t provide any continuous training programs or tailored content towards specific clients. Rather, it’s designed to facilitate a wide range of client scheduling and booking of classes. Leave that for the PT’s working under you. The software charges a flat fee of $55/month.

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