How much money do personal trainers make?

The personal training industry has undergone a significant transformation over the past decade. Formerly considered a niche profession within the realms of sports and fitness, it has now evolved into a vast and thriving sector. This growth can be attributed to the increasing focus on health and the emergence of fitness influencers, which have propelled […]

Top 10 Fitness Blogs You Should Follow in 2024

In the ever-evolving world of health and fitness, the internet has emerged as a treasure trove of advice, inspiration, and community. No longer do we rely solely on gym trainers or nutritionists for the latest workout trends and meal plans. Instead, a myriad of fitness blogs, each with its own unique voice and expertise, can […]

Top Pregnancy Blogs for Active Mums-to-Be

Pregnancy is a remarkable journey of transformation and growth for both the baby and the mother. It’s a time filled with anticipation, wonder, and joy as new life blossoms within. Staying active during pregnancy brings immense benefits, promoting physical wellbeing, emotional health, and aiding in postpartum recovery. Regular exercise can alleviate discomforts, enhance strength and […]

Exercising When Sick: Is It Safe to Push Through?

Embarking on a workout routine whilst battling an illness can lead to a crossroads of sorts, with many fitness enthusiasts grappling with the question: to exercise or not to exercise? This common conundrum touches on concerns such as exacerbating symptoms and the potential delay of recovery. However, it’s also balanced against the worry of losing […]

Maximising Fitness Results: Is a Personal Trainer Worth It?

The search for optimal health and fitness can be daunting, particularly in a society inundated with conflicting exercise advice and quick-fix trends. Amidst the cacophony of self-help fitness resources, there’s one professional whose role is both revered and questioned: the personal trainer. But what exactly does a personal trainer bring to the table, and for […]

Efficiently Burn 1000 Calories Daily: Your Ultimate Guide for 2024

Embarking on a fitness journey that involves torching 1,000 calories a day is no small feat. It necessitates commitment, strategy, and a comprehensive understanding of your body’s energy supply and expenditure. As we surge into 2024, prioritising this level of calorie burn can redefine your fitness narrative. Whether your goal is to sculpt your physique, […]

The difference between a fitness instructor and a personal trainer

Many people tend to confuse personal trainers with gym or fitness instructors. Both fitness professionals specialise in helping people to achieve their fitness goals, but their education, duties and responsibilities, and salary expectations can be significantly different. In this blog post, we will explore the essential distinctions between gym and fitness instructors and personal trainers. […]

Olympic Lifters vs. Bodybuilders: Who Reigns Supreme in Strength?

When it comes to strength sports, two disciplines come to mind: Olympic lifting and bodybuilding. Both are challenging, rewarding, and require consistent discipline and hard work. But when it comes to sheer strength, which of these two sports reigns supreme?  Olympic lifting and bodybuilding are two distinct and popular strength sports that require athletes to […]

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Nutrition Coach: Steps, Skills, and Success Strategies

In today’s fast-paced world, where people are increasingly prioritising their health and well-being, the demand for guidance on sustainable lifestyle changes, particularly in the realm of nutrition, is on the rise. As a result, the profession of nutrition coaching has experienced exponential growth in popularity. If you have a genuine passion for healthy living and […]

Revolutionising Fitness: Mastering Wearable Tech Integration in Workout Routines

Gone are the days of noting down the number of reps and sets on a piece of paper and trying to remember your last workout. With the rise of wearable technology in fitness, the way we approach working out has transformed. Personalised workout plans, real-time data tracking, accurate feedback, and automated insights are now readily […]

Certificate III vs. IV in Fitness: Choosing Your Path in the Fitness Industry

The fitness industry offers a plethora of rewarding and dynamic career opportunities. From personal training to group fitness instruction, health promotion to gym management, each role provides a chance to inspire and guide individuals on their fitness journeys. While many people know they need qualifications to get started in the fitness industry, it can be […]

Top Fitness Trends Shaping the Industry in 2024

Unrecognisable female athlete exercising with kettle bells during circuit sport training with other people in a health club.

As we charge forward into 2024, the fitness industry continues to evolve, expand, and innovate, profoundly shaped by emerging trends that redefine our notions of health and well-being. With advancements in technology, evolving lifestyles, and increased health awareness, a new era of fitness has emerged. Each day brings new and exciting fitness trends that captivate […]

Career Opportunities with the Certificate III in Fitness

In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle has become more important than ever. Fitness businesses, gyms, and other wellness organisations are continuously looking for qualified professionals to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. If you’re someone who enjoys fitness and helping others reach their full potential, then a SIS30321 Certificate […]

How to Become a Personal Trainer: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you passionate about health and fitness? Do you enjoy helping others achieve their fitness goals? If so, becoming a personal trainer could be the perfect career choice for you. As the demand for fitness trainers continues to grow, so does the need for industry-leading education and certifications.  In this ultimate guide, we will explore […]

Student Spotlight Award Winner, Frances Lee

At Onfit Training College, we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Frances Lee, the deserving recipient of our Student Spotlight Award. As a recent graduate, Frances has not only demonstrated exceptional dedication but has also consistently produced high-quality work during her studies. Her journey through her Certificate III in Fitness was inspiring, leaving a […]

Safe and Effective Exercise Tips for Pre and Postnatal Clients

Safe exercise tips for pregnancy pre and postnatal

Pregnancy and childbirth, while incredibly beautiful, can place significant demands on a woman’s body. As a trainer for pregnant and postpartum clients, providing extra care and attention is crucial during this transformative time. Prioritising self-care is essential, and one of the best ways to support overall wellbeing is through regular exercise. However, it’s important to […]

The Rise of High-Intensity Interval Training Workouts in Australia

HIIT High Intensity Interval Training F45

Staying fit and healthy has increasingly become a top priority for most Australians. And in recent years, a new player in the fitness game has emerged – High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It has taken the country by storm, with gyms and fitness centres popping up all over the place, offering HIIT workouts. Some of the […]

The Benefits of Adding Boxing to Your Personal Training Services

Are you a qualified personal trainer looking to add some excitement to your training sessions? Or are you currently studying to become a personal trainer and looking for new ideas to add to your arsenal? Either way, have you considered adding boxing to your list of services? Boxing is a unique fitness training method that […]

From Studies to Stage: John Rigoli’s Journey to Mr. Universe Australia

In the world of bodybuilding, where determination and discipline are the keys to success, John Rigoli, current Certificate III in Fitness student at Onfit Training College, is gearing up for an extraordinary challenge – the ISBB O’Mara Classic and Mr. Universe Australia competitions in October. We had the privilege of chatting with John to learn […]

Student Spotlight Award Winner, Angela Festino

Student Spotlight Winner Angela Festino

We are thrilled to announce our Student Spotlight Award winner, Angela, who has impressed us with her tremendous progress and unwavering determination throughout her Certificate III in Fitness studies. Nominated by our Trainer and Assessor, Michael, Angela’s remarkable journey caught our attention as she exhibited an extraordinary work ethic and a positively driven attitude. Before […]

Understanding the Difference Between Structure and Function in Fitness

Fitness Plank

In the world of exercise, it is important to understand the difference between structure and function. These two concepts are closely related, but they refer to different aspects of the body and its capabilities. What are Function and Structure? Structure refers to the physical makeup and anatomy of the body. This includes bones, muscles, tendons, […]