Top 10 Nutrition Blogs in Australia

There is a seemingly endless supply of nutritional information available online: recipes, dieting tips, details about silhouette of vegetablesthe most recently discovered superfood, and how-to guides for every diet under the sun…  Whatever your dietary requirements or nutritional goals, you can easily find plenty of resources that offer advice. But, as most of us have already discovered, not all online content is created equal. Here we’ve compiled a list of our top ten nutrition blogs, dedicated to providing the best in nutrition news, advice, tips, and tricks in Australia.


Scoop Nutrition

With a magazine feel, Emma Stirling’s blog covers news and views with plenty of advice on eating healthily. Her Family Focus section is fantastic for families who want to make sure their children are eating well and on the way to a healthy lifestyle.


Catherine Saxelby provides a whole ream of tips, tricks, facts, and, best of all, delicious health conscious recipes. Her weekly posts will help you enjoy food, lose weight, and stay healthy.

Healthy Chef

Theresa Cutter is multi-faceted, providing content across diet, nutrition, cooking, and fitness. We particularly like her healthy eating options such chocolate cake, and almond and vanilla cones. Who’d have thought eating well could be so sweet?

180 Nutrition

Covering lifestyle and fitness as well as nutrition, the 180 Nutrition blog is the brainchild of Guy Lawrence and Stuart Cooke. They’re against packaged, processed foods and provide some amazing content about natural foods that will really get your juices flowing.

Kate Freeman Nutrition

Kate’s recipes are colourful, well written, and perfectly presented. Better still, each one comes with a little story, about where she found it, ate it first, or the people she spent time with. A great friendly blog that you’re bound to love.

Nutrition Professionals

This blog is pretty conventional, and packed with nutritional tips and advice, including diets, allergies, recipes, and health. Take time to surf this blog, and you’ll find just what you are looking for.

Nutrition AustraliaNutrition facts

Very much a news blog, this brings all the latest info from Australia and its states. Some great sections on community programs and recipes, too, with some super snacks to make.

SOL Nutrition

Planning to put the ‘SOL’ back into people’s eating, SOL Nutrition is the creation of Christine Turner. With her team, Christine tackles eating habits, nutrition tips, and provides some cracking recipes, most of which she has worked on at weekly cooking sessions.

Susie Burrell

Susie Burrell claims to have been the first nutrition blog in Australia. Whether that’s true we can’t say. But what we can tell you is that she brings a different style to many of the other blogs we’ve highlighted. Susie mixes recipes with interviews, product reviews, Q&A sessions, and blogs from guest bloggers.

Organic Angels

Published by Scott and Sarah, Organic Angels is a great blog for organic foodies and life-styles. They discuss everything from growing to cooking and different organic foods: a great place to start to get the most from seasonal produce.